Our Vision
To be a preferred solutions provider to our clients and be a long term partner in their success by
enhancing their performance and setting a benchmark of excellence

Management Solutions

Business Process Reengineering

Business Process Re-engineering focusses on cross-functional workflows and processes. It is a holistic approach to overhaul the key processes of an organization. With a set of logically related steps, it helps achieving defined business objectives with highest efficiencies.


  • GIC helps in redesigning core business processes by bringing a dramatic improvement in productivity, cycle times and quality.
  • We start with a blank sheet and rethink existing process to deliver maximum return to the client
  • We eliminate organizational layers and unproductive activities from processes
  • We integrate processes with technology for data dissemination and decision making

Process / Accounting / HR Manuals

Process manuals play an important role in establishing a common language within the organization. Apart from giving directions and clarity on how to handle various activities, they establish the organizational culture binding each member with a common thread. These manuals can also work as training manuals for new incumbents.


  • GIC helps in developing ideas on the aspects to be covered in the manuals through brainstorms and industry best practices
  • Once the scope is decided, each aspect is discussed with key people in the organization and after arriving at a consensus, the document is written
  • Once developed, GIC will lay down a dissemination plan to ensure the awareness of the manual and its contents are trickled down to the deepest levels of the organization

Business Restructuring / Cost reduction

At some time during the maturity phase of an organization, a firm is compelled to have an introspective look within the organization on how to consolidate its activities and get the most out of the resources already employed. During the growth phase, a firm keeps adding on the resources which later can become an impediment to its further growth. During these times, cost reduction or business restructuring becomes key to long term sustainability.


  • GIC can help improve efficiencies, minimize risk and save jobs by identifying opportunities and assessing risk after a thorough study of the organization’s business.
  • We will work through the core processes and highlight gaps in controls resulting into increased costs by duplication of work or efficient handling of an activity
  • Drawing upon our team’s wealth of expertise and market contacts, GIC can provide insights on areas of high costs but low productivity by giving essential industrial benchmarks to compare with.

Business Feasibility / Business Plan Studies

Planning is the most important part of running a business, whether it is an expansion of an existing business or launch of a new business. A business plan enables to think more analytically about the industry and the role of the proposed business within that industry. A thorough business plan can also serve as a reference point to return to at any time of the project and measure how far the business has come which can be a great motivational tool.


  • We bring in an objective analysis in your proposed project by independently assessing the business opportunity and answer your question, “Does the idea make economic sense?”
  • Out team of qualified experts are financially savvy to give you a thorough analysis from a business and economic perspective
  • Out team of qualified experts are financially savvy to give you a thorough analysis from a business and economic perspective.

Organisation Restructuring

Restructuring involves a repositioning of an organisation’s strategic focus. The process entails the organisation changing key internal structure(s) (i.e., legal, ownership, operational or strategic), so that it is better able to meet its present and evolving needs.


  • We bring in an objective analysis in independently identifying the needs for such a change to take place
  • We suggest implementable solutions for reporting relationships, span of control, unique positions, job evaluation, grading structure which help in making the organisation efficient and ready to deliver
  • A leaner and a fast reacting organisation is the key to success in the ever evolving world

Business Strategic Planning

A business without a strategic plan is like running without a goal. An organization needs a strategy to have a consistent and sustainable growth, increase its market and market share, find a niche in the market based on opportunities and its own strengths, and position itself in the competitive environment. It helps business executives understand the direction in which their company is headed through an outline of various business milestones to measure against.


  • GIC can partner with your organization and find a new edge for your organization over your competitors by analyzing the industry, competitive forces within the industry, SWOT analysis of your organization and other related studies.
  • Your organization will have a well-defined and meaningful Vision, Mission and Values formulated by brainstorming and discussion rather than picked randomly from others. This can work as a powerful tool to connect the organization with a common thread which can prove to be great motivational factor.
  • GIC will help breaking the higher level strategies into smaller goals and objectives for your organization giving objective and measurable parameters for the organization to follow.
  • Strategies that are an outcome of the above and various other brainstorms and vision of the management will be backed by a well laid communication plan within the organization to have far reaching benefits.

ERP Implementation

No business today can work without a good ERP system. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a cross-functional enterprise system driven by an integrated suite of software modules that supports the basic internal business processes of a company.

Most ERP solutions fail as either the organisation needs are not correctly identified or the ERP is not implemented well.


  • GIC can partner with your organization to assess the needs of the ERP system and map the processes to analyse key process parameters that need to be computerised.
  • GIC can assist your organisation to identify the right ERP at a competitive cost
  • GIC can then assist you to implement the ERP in the organisation to ensure the ERP is implemented well and it becomes a tool to help achieve the organisational objectives