Our Vision
To be a preferred solutions provider to our clients and be a long term partner in their success by
enhancing their performance and setting a benchmark of excellence

Training Solutions

Finance for Non-Finance

Managers from various backgrounds other than financial are well equipped with the technical aspects of carrying out business, however since the final melting pot of any business is always finance, it is imperative to understand the financial implication of each business decision taken.


With our team’s financial expertise and our tie-ups with other experts in this field we provide training to equip you with the tools required to run your business with more financial suaveness.

Feasibility Studies

While GIC carries out Business Feasibility Studies as explained under Management Solutions, we also provide training on how to conduct feasibility studies – marketing and financial so that corporate staff can carry out smaller feasibility studies on their own.

Valuation and Mergers

Mergers and acquisitions are essentially about creating value for the shareholders or the investors.


We provide training in the subject to sharpen your insights on looking at the bigger picture. We ensure that you have the right perspective of all the elements of a valuation process and don’t overlook any factors which might affect the valuation adversely. The training will also include aspects on how to create synergies between two companies post-merger.


International Financial Reporting Standards represents the body of rules and standards to enable common global language for accounting of business transactions.


We can design tailor made courses for executives to understand and apply IFRS with expert knowledge and keep abreast of ever evolving standards.

Soft Skills

Good presentation and negotiation skills are needed by all professionals to make a business case in every aspect of their business or professional life. Soft Skills go a long way in achieving a successful deal.


With our tie-ups with the best trainers in the field, we provide good communication techniques that will enable you to make a connection with your audience and make a lasting impression. It will help develop and enhance your public speaking style and turn the most unexciting information into a compelling, vibrant and forceful presentation.